The preparation of a Will and Powers of Attorney is important in the management of your family‚Äôs financial and legal affairs.  Without a will, distribution of your estate may be on hold until someone, and not necessarily someone you would choose, is appointed as estate trustee to look after your assets. This may result in delays, further expenses and/or other complications.




Thinking of starting a new business? Consider incorporating. Corporations can provide advantages such as tax savings and limited liability. Call for a consultation to discuss what business structure best suits your situation. We can also draft agreements between partners or shareholder of existing businesses to help stave off trouble in the future.


We are also able to help if you are buying or selling your business or franchise.



Whether you are looking to buy, sell or refinance a home you need a lawyer you can depend on to ensure your deal closes smoothly.  Making an offer to buy, sell or lease real property is much more than settling on price and completion date.  Terms should be included in writing that allow for necessary investigations and due diligence to be performed before you are bound to the contract.  A properly drafted agreement of purchase/sale or lease contract will save you time, money and aggravation by addressing your needs.  Every set of circumstances is different, and we can custom tailor a written agreement that can protect your particular interests.


Security and peace of mind are key when you are working with a lawyer, so we aim to answer all of your questions from the time that you sign the agreement of purchase/sale to the time the deal is completed.  Personal service is our top priority. With our firm you will have direct access to a lawyer as well as our helpful staff.  This means that you can always speak to me personally on any matters relating to your transaction.




You may be considering re-mortgaging your home in order to restructure debt, or to provide a source of funds for additional investments. Our turnaround time for performing the due diligence, preparation of documentation, and registering a new mortgage is very short whether you are dealing with a chartered bank or a private lender.  In addition, through our network of professionals, we can refer you to licensed brokers or mortgage specialists who can arrange a new mortgage, line of credit, and business loans quickly and easily.


Non Resident Owners:


There are special considerations for non resident owners of real estate situated in Canada that pertain to various tax issues. If you live abroad, consult with us prior to purchasing a property or business in Canada. We may be able to assist in reducing the exposure to income tax or taxes on disposition.

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One of the most significant issues in criminal defense work is the communication between counsel and client.  It is our policy to keep our clients fully informed at all times and to encourage their input regarding the case.  The more information that we receive the better equipped we are to fight for your cause.


If you are facing criminal charges, the best course of action is to hire a lawyer with experience, knowledge of the law, and an understanding of the process.  We make it our commitment to explore the best options and keep you informed at every step of the process.


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